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Spamming all the feeds.

James, I left my phone in your car.
Meet me outside A4 at ten tomorrow so I can has?


What I want to do is buy a Comics For Sad Children t-shirt. However, I feel it would be pretentious, to say the least, to wear a t-shirt for a comic I haven't read.
At the moment I can feel time eroding the sand from under my feet. Soon I will be carried away by the undercurrent to the future, and nothing can do will stop that. I watch the sand roll out from under me, and I don't feel loss for the times gone- more a sense of displacement. I wonder about becoming unstuck in time like an old poster from a wall. Would it hurt, like a fresh cut, or have the dull throb of an old bruise? I imagine the relief/fear that comes from stepping onto a step that's not there in the dark and think that maybe it wouldn't hurt be so bad. I feel the yawing space of the empty theatre sucking at my brain and try to fill it with what ever clutter of noise and light I can, and as I toss in the next worthless piece of glimmer I think of the meaningful swirls of music and glow and how I don't have them. I can feel myself flapping loose in the wind and recall the sensation of falling and landing in my own bed.
Also, my computer's bust.

Story of my life really.

Updats on life!

I have surgery in the next two months or so, so that should be fun.
Today I fell down the stairs. It hurt my butt. I have a bruise.
Aikido is fun.
Um... And that's really about it.
I am a slave at the slave auction! Buy me?

I am the lurgy

Ugh, I has the sick.
And it's raining.
I might stay home and study.
We might have a woman with a toy poodle come to live with us.
No, really.
I'm hoping she doesn't wear a twinset and pearls and call me darling.


I got wet.
There's no milk, so I can't have a cup of tea or a cup of cocoa.
Later I have to go to the theatre.
We have a washing line up in our room, but I still have no clean trousers.
But, apart from that, life is pretty good.

Facebook and a Boring Update

The experiment continues.
What it has done is put me in touch with some people I like being in touch with, and a few I didn't really care about. Which is sorta neat.
Anyway, it's somewhat worrying- some of these People I Barely Know tend to update like five or six times a day. Which tends to lead to a sort of panic when you think you might have missed something important from someone important. :/
Anyway, Rosa's housewarming was good- lots of punch and dip. And cheese and pineapple on sticks, which is something I hadn't had for ages, so that was cool. I forgot the pressie I got them, so that's currently hanging round my room waiting for me to bike past there- which is easier said than done considering my bike has a flat I'm failing to fix... :/
Miss Saigon is cool, I'm taking my DS in today because there are short bursts of excitement followed by long periods of boredom in the dark- which makes reading tricky.
Holly came back from Festival yesterday- didn't see her, she went to bed pretty much straight away.
Willow picked up her meat pack. There was much rejoicing as we can now reclaim our freezer.
Our fridge may be dying- it's leaking water into the bottom of itself, which is weird. Whitt claims to know a guy who will fix it though, so that's alright.
I won't be at Willow's housewarming because I'll be too busy playing DS at the theatre, so I'll have to go by later.
Okies loveyabaibai.


Today James said to me:
"I saw a t-shirt and it was really funny and it made me laugh."
There was a pause, which drew out as I realised that that was the whole story.
I think it's good that we can share these things with each other.

Romanes eunt domus!

This is vexing.
In Latin there is a neuter noun 'bellum' (nom. sing.) which means 'war'.
There is also an adjective 'bellus, bella, bellum' (m., f., n., sing.) which means handsome.
The term 'bellum conviviam' is therefore confusing. (It means charming dinner-guest, by the way, not 'war dinner-guest')
I had to look on the internet extensively and in the book.
I am so not impressed.

Ohhhh What a World...

Quite a week.
Started my Miss Saigon theatre stuff.
A little dead, sort of trying to flush out the rest of Willow's stuff.
I went to Rosa's. We watched the Big Lebowski.
(Thank you for having me. I liked the bit where we ate chicken and I looked at your bookcase.)
I have learnt the joys of internet in bed.
Which means that I am now a blob that makes up the whole bed. I wash mahself with a rag on a stick.
Blah, that's about it.
I'll try to think up something more interesting when my Sims Plumbob is more white...

General Snark

It's not my fault she came in and woke you up, and if you're that sick maybe you should unchain your wallet and go to a fucking doctor you stupid attention-seeking bitch.
Also, why do you need to come and give me a hard time? Just because your human Real-Doll has fucked off back from whence he came is no reason to give me a hard time. I didn't ask him to leave did I, you vile creature.
Fuck off.